The Alkaline Water Company, Inc. has positiioned ALKALINE88 with an initial contract manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona and are establishing other key manufacturing facilities throughout the United States to support its ongoing national expansion campaign.


Alkaline Water Co. builds relationships with experienced co-packers to formulate and bottle the finished product. Distributors are chosen on the basis of proximity to target markets. Most ingredients used in the formulation of the products are sourced well in advance ensuring timely delivery and scheduling. The Alkaline Water Co. is growing a network of co-packers across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and eventually overseas in order to support the launch and awareness of its products in those markets.

Quality Control

The Alkaline Water Co. is committed to products that meet or exceed the quality standards as set by the U.S. government. The Company subjects its products to rigorous testing and works closely with various co-packers to ensure quality assurance. Each step in the manufacturing process is reviewed by company specialists. The manufacturing process includes source selection, receipt and storage, filtration, disinfection, bottling, packaging, in-place sanitation, plant quality control and corporate policies affecting quality assurance. In addition, the Company ensures that each bottle is stamped with a production date, time, and plant code to ensure consumer safety at all times.