May 25, 2016
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The Alkaline Water Co.

The Alkaline Water Company, Inc.  (OTCQB: WTER), are the developers of Alkaline88 -  a lifestyle product delivering a refreshing and economical  way to achieve maximum hydration while maintaining and benefiting from balanced pH!

More than half of all Americans drink bottled water and about a third of the public consumes it regularly. Sales have tripled in the past 10 years, to about $4 billion a year. People spend from 240 to over 10,000 times more per gallon for bottled water than they typically do for tap water.

"Consider that a liter of water costs more than a liter of gasoline, and that a typical Western European drinks 17 to 18 cases of bottled water each year, while the average American drinks 10 cases." (Source:

The Alkaline Water Co. is dedicated to the development of a national retail bulk distribution network delivering innovative state-of-the-art Electrochemically Activated Water (ECA) to consumers everywhere. The product features high quality 8.8 pH drinking water, without the use of any chemicals and now available in convenient bulk sizes suitable for active individuals and families.

Healthy individuals who understand the benefits of ECA water know it’s an important personal lifestyle choice… and now it’s a choice conveniently packaged in 2 bulk sizes; 3 Liter & 1 Gallon clear PET, BPA free bottles.

It's simply the BEST WAY to purchase Alkaline Water for HEALTH CONSCIOUS AND ECONOMICALLY MINDED consumers

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What is
Alkaline Water?

What is Alkaline84?

Our flagship product, Alkaline88 achieves its 8.8 pH level through a state of the art and completely chemical-free scientific process. Click here to learn more about the science behind it.

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CEOLIVE.TV Investor Insight Series The Alkaline Water Company's CEO, Steve Nickolas and Advisory Board Member, Brande Roderick.
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